Reflectionight Anti-Slip

 One-Step PowderTM 

Reflectionight Anti-Slip One-Step Powder  are a series of textured powder coatings that provide grip, anti-slip and reflective characteristics. These powders can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.   This product can be used in place of most standard powders, providing a great looking daytime surface and a reflective, anti slip nighttime surface. The Reflectionight Anti-Slip One-Step Powder coated surfaces yield a dramatic visual appearance and amazing durable tested performance. This powder formulation is a patented technology. 


Provides grip like surface, slip resistant surface that reduces the risk of slipping and falling

  More Durable and lasting than 'safety tapes'

  Utilizes recycled/re-engineered materials

  Provides a dramatic visual aesthetic

  Available in any color

  Provides a retroreflective surface

  Easily replaces your standard powder

  Very cost effective