Reflectionight One-Step PowderTM 

Reflectionight One-Step Powder is available in both standard bake (325-375F) and low cure (250F) formulations.  It comes in polyester, acrylic, and hybrids.  Our powders can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  Powders are available that meet AAMA, American Architectural Manufacturing Association specifications.  Common uses for these powders are: bicycles, sportswear, and traffic safety materials.  This product can be used in place of most standard powders, providing a great looking daytime surface and a reflective nighttime surface This powder formulation is a patented technology. 

Reflectionight One-Step Powder Product List
Low Gloss Clear - R1PC-0119-L
Semi-Gloss Clear - R1PC-0182-M
High-Gloss Clear - R1PC-0100-H
Silver Textured - R1PS-0182-T
Black Textured - R1HB-0183-ST
5lb Sample Packs are available.
Code System
R1 - Reflectionight  One-Step
P - Polyester
H - Hybrid
C - Clear Coat
S - Silver
B - Black
eg. 100-900
H - High (+85)
G - Gloss (60-85)
M - Medium (35-60)
L - Low (0-20)