Reflectionight Versatile Anti-SlipTM


Reflectionight Versatile Anti-Slip's revolutionary technology allows any appropriate surface to become retroreflective and anti slip. This proprietary technology and paint formulation is one of a kind.  Reflectionight's Versatile Anti-Slip Paint offers incredible durability on most liquid paintible surfaces.   This on-site application of our textured reflective coating provides grip, anti-slip, and extremely reflective characteristics.  It is easy to apply and extremely cost effective. These paints can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  This powder formulation is a patented technology.    

Provides grip like surface, slip resistant surface that reduces the risk of slipping and falling

  More Durable and lasting than 'safety tapes.'  Safety tapes are prone to loss of adhesion, gouging and penetrations!

  Utilizes recycled/re-engineered materials

  Provides a dramatic visual aesthetic

  Specialty colors can be formulated

  Provides an extremely retroreflective surface!!!!

  Very cost effective