Reflectionight BeadsTM

Refectionight BeadsTM

are available to apply to liquid paint solutions. These unique beads are manufactured using a patented process to achieve the most brilliant retroreflective return. Through our application process field projects can be painted on-site thus being made retroreflective.  Parking lot lines, bollards, crosswalks, fire-hydrants, garbage trucks, and hydro boxes are a few examples of popular applications.  The possibilities are endless. 

Refectionight Premium BeadsTM

Premium beads provide more illumination.  Depending on the requirement, these beads offer a very bright retroreflective effect and are available to apply to liquid paint solutions on-site. This proprietary technology is one of a kind, the beads are very small and when applied offer great durability on all liquid painted surfaces.  The Premium beads go through a secondary process combining a chemical additive enhancing their retroreflectivity.

Refectionight BeadsTM   Pricing 5lb minimum
Reflectionight Beads: 49.50USD/lb
Reflectionight Premium Beads: 59.50USD/lb
     Statistics - 1lb covers 400 square feet
                       12.5 cents per square foot